Just for you!

Yeah, man!

For Bev and everybody else that is trying to read my blog but can't because it's German - this one's for you!
(Though I don't know what to write XD)

I actually planned to write parts of my blog in English, because - hello!? - I'm in England and this whole thing is about me going to England, but...dunno. :D
Never did it.

First day back at college today and I'm quite pleased about that.
Just being at home got a little boring in the end.
But I can't believe that I've just got 3 weeks to go! O__O
This week, which is the most normal one of all of them.
Next week, where I need to pack my big suitcase, because on the weekend, my parents are coming - yey! <3
So lookin' forward to that. (:
And the following week already is my last one.
Means, every subject for the last time etc...bet it will be sad!
Then one last weekend and...that's it!
Gooosh...little bit scary. Oo
(Btw, in the last week I have to pack my small suitcase as well. Because my parents are taking the big one in the car with them, but I'm taking the small one on the plane with me)

I didn't know what to write, but I think I did quite well. :D
I think I'll go off now and do...whatever, dunno.

Rock on, guys.
(And sorry, I know it's German, but I need to write it because I always do)
Haut rein, aber tut euch nicht weh!


6.1.09 12:53

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Bev / Website (12.1.09 11:39)
Eyy! Cheers! Twilight on Saturday wooop!

Mona (21.1.09 11:33)
Ich freu mich schon x)

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